The Zero Revolution – Henk Peeters

2015 | This film tells the story of artists Henk Peeters, Armando, Jan Schoonhoven and Jan Henderikse. The NUL-artists reflect on the international ZERO-movement in which Henk Peeters was a key figure and curator.

A Shtetl in the Caribbean

2014 | A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN tells the compelling story of two childhood friends who grew up on Curaçao, in search for their family history in Eastern Europe.

WhatEver Will Be

2013 | Two transgender women, a filmmaker and their struggle for change.

Everything Must Change – Piet Zwart

2012 | A fascinating documentary about Piet Zwart (1885-1977), an idiosyncratic and stubborn designer, who lived for innovation and prepared the way for the international success that is now known as Dutch Design...

Lost Down Memory Lane

2010 | Lost down Memory Lane directed by Klara Van Es, is the first documentary, about living with Alzheimer’s, as seen through the eyes of the people who suffer from it...

Oerdak- Poem in Progress

2009 | Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a cinematographic and poetic documentary focusing on detail...

Souls of Naples

2004 | As if in Caravaggio’s famous paintings, sombre drama and lighter scenes are juxtaposed in the age old streets and piazzas of Naples....

Boy Ecury

2003 After the war, in 1947, the prominent Aruban businessman Dundun Ecury (59) comes to the Netherlands...
  • The Zero Revolution – Henk Peeters
  • A Shtetl in the Caribbean
  • WhatEver Will Be
  • Everything Must Change – Piet Zwart
  • Lost Down Memory Lane
  • Oerdak- Poem in Progress
  • Souls of Naples
  • Boy Ecury



Everything Must Change – Piet Zwart & Souls of Naples at Milano Design Film Festival 2015

Thu Oct. 15th until Sun Oct. 18th 2015 the Milano Design Film Festival takes place. Everything Must Change - Piet Zwart by Sherman De Jesus and Souls of Naples by Vincent Monnikendam will be screened Fri Oct. 16th.



The World According to Monsieur Khiar by Sjors Swierstra is selected for the IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary and premieres during IDFA 2015.

De Zero Revolutie_v4_2

The Zero Revolution – Henk Peeters: Theatre- and museumscreenings from September 18th 2015

(Nederlands) De Zero Revolutie - Henk Peeters, de nieuwste documentaire van Sherman De Jesus, is vanaf september 2015 te zien in musea en theaters.


Special screening of A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

On July 23rd 2015 the documentary A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN by Sherman De Jesus will be screened in the old Jewish temple in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, which is now used as a cinema. Mark and Tsale, children of Eastern European…


A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN selected for the Ischia Film Festival 2015 in Italy

From June 27th until July 4th 2015 the Ischia Film Festival takes place on the Italian island Ischia. A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN by director Sherman De Jesus will celebrate its Italian premiere. The documentary has been selected for the…


CARNOTSTRAAT 17, the new documentary by Klara Van Es expected in theatres at the end of August

August 27th the new documentary CARNOTSTRAAT 17 by director Klara Van Es will be released in theatres in the Netherlands. The film is a coproduction by Associate Directors (BE) and Memphis Film & Television in cooperation with Canvas and Human. Fighting…

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